Our farm

We have a farm comprising 300 acres of old pasture which was once a Royal Deer park. It is 3 miles from America Lodge. We currently have 700 sheep and 100 cattle.

We are members of the ‘red tractor scheme’ and we are committed to the highest welfare standards for our livestock. Our animals are fed naturally with grass complemented by cereal feed as the seasons demand.

The calves are bought in from dairy farms and fed on milk feeders in groups of 5. They are never caged individually as they love company. They are weaned at about 2 months old and are then fed on a cereal compound and sweet meadow hay. They love to go out to grass and are allowed outside as soon as we are confident they are eating enough cereal food. All cattle have to have numbered identification by law and this also allows us to individually monitor them.

Our sheep remain outside for the majority of the year.

The lambing period is from mid February to mid March and during this period the ewes are housed. They are brought inside just after Christmas and fed cereal and high quality silage to sustain them during their pregnancy. It also allows us to identify and treat pregnancy related conditions quickly and easily. They are all scanned so we know how many lambs each ewe will have and are able to produce a ration accordingly for each group.

As they give birth they are immediately brought out of the group pens and each ewe is penned individually with her lambs to ensure bonding. They are put out to grass as soon as weather conditions permit.

Visiting the farm ...

We love guests to see what goes on. The most popular activity is the feeding of the calves and orphan lambs.

Our guests must understand however that we are NOT a petting farm, this is a proper commercial business run in an environmentally friendly way with high welfare standards.

We are happy to let guests see our animals but this may not always be possible and it is advisable to enquire when booking as to what may be available seasonally.